I draw my inspirations from the people of the world, my surroundings and my travels, which took me to many parts of the world of which the African continent intrigues me the most. Ancient and Ethnic jewellery encourage me to experiment with old techniques yet to create something new and unexpected.

My aim is to make jewellery that underlines your personality and enhances your individuality. It is sophisticated yet mischievous and dares to be different.

I want you to have as much fun wearing my jewellery as I have creating it.


Inspired by ancient techniques I develop my own way of implementing them. Kuem Boo (a traditional Korean technique), granulation, chasing and repoussage are just a few of the techniques that have been around for thousands of years and can still be used in modern and contemporary jewellery.

I like to combine the old and the new, the precious and the ordinary, diamonds with pebbles, gold with glass and silver with felt….

The fusion of silver and fine gold and the way of mixing colours in an unexpected fashion make my jewellery lively and unique.